FOP Local 24
Fraternal Order of Police Matt Herzog Memorial Lodge #24

  • June 06, 2020
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      Paused *UPDATE*

       This is an update of a donation to you FOP Memorial Foundation and cost you nothing, just think if more of you would take advantage of this program provided by Amazon, please read and sign up with the Washington State Fraternal Order of Police Memorial Foundation as your charity.

      Web Site information

      Please submit any articles, stories or information you would like to see on this web site to webmaster@wafop24.

      Welcome to Your Web Site

      Welcome to the new Matt Herzog Memorial FOP Lodge #24 Web Site.  This site will help our lodge with communications and the distribution of information and issues that face Law Enforcement here in the Whatcom county region.  Members please sign in and you will be granted access asap so you recieve important updates and news about the FOP and those items that effect us all.

      Good Morning Everyone. We are making changes to this web site. Please log on or contact us for your access.

      Lodge 18 Ball
      Lodge 24 members win a Whatcom Bear
      Lodge 18 Ball 2015
      Lodge 18 Ball 2015
      Lodge 18 Ball 2015
      Lodge 18 Ball Great Food
      2011 Police Week